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Fluorescent brightener KCB

Chemical name: 1,4-Bis(2-Benzoxazolyl)Naphthalene

KCB Quality index:

Appearance: yellow green powder  
Assay: 98% 
Melting point: 211±1°C
Ash: ≤0.5% 
Moisture: ≤0.5% 
C.I.: 367

Uses & features:

This product is currently many Fluorescent brightener in the optimal level of products with strong whitening effect, light blue Color light is bright. Mainly used in plastics and synthetic fiber products of whitening, the colored plastic products also have obvious brightening effect. The product prominent features: it is all kinds of sports shoes sole (EVA) whitening the best whitening agent; Its heat resistance, good light resistance; Chemical stability is good, it doesn't and plasticizing agent, foaming agent, such as reaction, has good compatibility with high molecular material; Variety is the whitening agent varieties toxicity in the lowest category. The regulations, it can be used for whitening of food packaging materials.