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BC-114 acidproof brightener for Cotton fiber

Name of commodity:

BC—114 acidproof Fluorescent brightener

Main Uses & properties:

BC - 114 acidproof Fluorescent brightener is the Fluorescent brightener VBL, and a new type after the application of Fluorescent brightener. Main used in the paper, cotton and cotton blended fabric of whitening brightening. Can also be used for rayon, Nylon, such as detergent whitening. Preshrinking body can with resin, flame retardants, such as acid Anionic, non - ionic agent with bath use, excellent Solubility can. The product has good acidproof alkali, resistance to chlorine bleaching, electrolyte resistance, and less extensive is yellow .

Main Quality index & properties:

【Appearance】 light yellow powder .  
【Water Solubility】>40°C(diluted in warm water).  
【Stability】 stable in Aq. solutio of PH value of 5 to 10.  
【Compatibility】Compatible with Anionic, non - ionic surfactant, dyestuff, synthetic resin preshrinking body or printing and dyeing processing aid , but cannot be used with cationic additives in bath.