Digital Marketing Strategy

Plan for success using a proven framework

Executing marketing tactics without strategy leads to frustrated expectations and waste. You might hit the mark once in a blue moon, but more than likely you won’t. 

  • Why did it work?
  • What happens when it stops working?
  • How will you repeat it?

A documented digital marketing strategy creates alignment and provides a map and vision of how you can achieve your desired objectives through digital channels. It helps you avoid wasting time and money on scattershot tactics and leaky buckets. 

Our clients are in search of objective, fact-based guidance, in tune with today’s evolving digital marketing landscape. Some want to leverage good work and talented resources, supplementing with additional experience and services that address their unmet needs. Others have never undertaken the process of defining a digital marketing strategy and need help establishing their foundation. Our strategic planning process takes into account these common scenarios and everything in between. 

We use assessments, audits and interviews to clarify where you are now, where you want to be and what’s getting in the way.  We gain a clear and detailed understanding of who you serve, their demographics and interests, decision-making patterns and influences, wants and desires, and the value you offer to them through your products and services. Then we map the path your customer (ICP, persona, avatar) goes through from unaware prospect to brand promoter. 

With a digital marketing strategy, you gain the clarity to confidently lead your organization to growth and success. You’re not just in the driver’s seat—you’re setting the pace.

Risdall has a keen understanding of who we are, where we have been, what we have gone through, and most importantly…where we need to go. They helped us focus on meaningful results and assembled a growth scorecard to track progress. And we are able to see that our work with Risdall is generating fresh leads and sales.
General Manager
Automation Industry

Digital Marketing Strategy Case Studies

See how a strategy-first approach helped these organizations align tactics to goals, driving real results and organizational growth.


Driving sales leads and maximizing ROI across six continents

Driving sales leads and maximizing ROI across six continents

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Building a high performing digital sales engine

YRC is an American transportation company. HNRY is a digital platform that was created by YRC to augment traditional phone sales and automate transportation and logistics sourcing to support YRCs brands across North America.

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