Measurement & Analytics

Identify, track, and report on the data that supports your goals

To quote Peter Drucker, the acclaimed father of modern management, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  Are you measuring the user behaviors, micro-conversions, and conversions that support your business and marketing goals? The process can be challenging even for the savviest digital marketers.

Digital marketing allows for continuous measurement and optimization, but it  requires commitment.  Today’s marketing leaders are tasked with supporting multiple teams and justifying budgets to multiple stakeholders. This requires defining clear goals and KPIs up front, implementing tracking across the funnel, and ensuring that data is analyzed on a regular basis. Neglecting any of these steps can derail your whole digital marketing strategy.

Our measurement and analytics services will help establish metrics that matter, implement tagging and tracking throughout the funnel, and provide analysis to support data-driven decision making. Digital marketing measurement and optimization are key to helping your organization thrive.

  • Gain stakeholder consensus on marketing objectives
  • Reduce ambiguity by defining SMART goals and KPIs
  • Close tagging and technology gaps that are preventing you from tracking KPI data
  • Know where you stand by establishing an accurate baseline
  • Measure leading indicators so you can make proactive decisions
  • Support agile marketing practices and continuous improvement
My entire organization has a different perception of the marketing team because of the guidance, focus and results your team has delivered.
Jeanine Mendes
Senior Manager, Marketing – Canon Medical


Digital Marketing Measurement & Optimization Case Studies

Techniques we use to measure and optimize client programs include full-funnel KPIs, conversion rate optimization, dashboard reporting, data synthesis and attribution.


Driving sales leads and maximizing ROI across six continents

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Building a high performing digital sales engine

YRC is an American transportation company. HNRY is a digital platform that was created by YRC to augment traditional phone sales and automate transportation and logistics sourcing to support YRCs brands across North America.
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